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Mystik Creation is a prominent custom web design company which specializes in creative user-centered website design that is customized to your business objectives and specific niches. Our artistic team of specialists in web design aims to combine technological proficiency with creativity to generate something amazing. We are aware of websites to do business, so it must be planned according to your business objectives and customer's mind. Therefore, we design websites that "draws" and "sells" too.

At Mystik, we do extensive analysis of requirements before starting any custom web development project, so you get as you wanted. We do not just deliver a web design service, but deliver 100% satisfied custom web design, which is an example of industry and outperform your competitors.

As Custom Website Design Indian Company, we have a vast experience in designing custom websites for each sector of the industry, including business, retail, electronic commerce, health, travel, computer, entertainment, Squeeze pages, Education, etc. With over thousands satisfied customers worldwide and 550 + design websites, we are proud to be the No. 1 choice of our worldwide customers for offshore outsourcing services for web design.

What we offer?

Web sites designed at mystic creations have a great look along with usefulness, user-friendly and being search engines centric. We focus on interactive design and marketing of websites for the best prices in the industry. It is more than just design; creativity in the mystic is our topmost consideration which provides the ease going hand in hand.

Our custom web designs include:

  • Requirements analysis
  • Web 2.0 standard
  • W3C validation
  • Industry based on the theme
  • Superior ease of use with a good screen space
  • The presentation focused business
  • Search engine friendly
  • The best combination of colors as its theme and business niches
  • Ongoing support and updates and revisions
  • Fast charging for the best user experience
  • Clean and easy to use navigation
  • Timely
  • Cost-effective solutions - offering the best quote

There are several different skills and techniques which you need to incorporate while designing and maintaining websites. While designing a website, there are many things you need to be aware of. They are web graphic design, authoring, interface design, proprietary software, search engine optimization etc. Whenever designing of a website is in process, most probably, there are several people involved who work in teams and cover all the different aspects of the designing process.

Custom Website Design

Custom website designing can immensely help your business and prove to be extremely valuable to the efforts of your organization. It’s highly important that you have some sort of presence on the internet, regardless of your organization being a large or small firm. Nowadays, getting professional website designers to customize website designing is important with the constantly evolving technology and the upsurge of web and mobile browsing.

Emergence of Web design  

Microsoft was the first company to release its first competitive browser in the year 1996. This browser was complete with its own tags and features. This browser was also the first one to support the style sheets. Earlier, designers used to use the HTML mark up for tables which was initially proposed for displaying tabular data. However, the potential of using HTML tables for creating the multifaceted multi-column layouts was quickly realized by the designers.  

Advantages of Good Web Design Services

It’s a known fact that the better the design of the website, the better is the chance of generating traffic for it. If the website of your company is customized and well designed then, it ultimately increases the chances of the organization doing a good business.

If you want to create a good impression in front of your client, then it’s imperative that you customized your website perfectly, as the visitor judges the credibility of your website within the first 15 to 20 seconds of his/her visit. A good customized website adds to your status of being a serious organization.
Thus while designing a website; web designers must be aware about what the organization is targeting through it.


Logo Designing - Rs 7,900 or US$ 151

Static Website - Rs 5,999 or US$ 115
( 5 pages HTML/CSS website + Template based Design )

Custom Website - Rs 12,400 or US$ 241
(10 pages HTML/CSS website + Custom Design )

Ecommerce Web Rs 52,000 or US$ 1087
( Ecommerce Website with Standard Functionality )

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